Can I get my coffee ground in the shop?

As long as it is coffee purchased from our retail shelf we will absolutely grind your coffee however you need it!

Can I order coffee/baked goods in bulk for events/parties?

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us about any special orders you would like to make via

our email: silkcitycoffee@gmail.com

Do you guys rent out the space for events?

Yes, we do! Head to our contact page to inquire! 

I am interested in working at Silk City. Where can I apply?

Email us at silkcitycoffee@gmail and attach a copy of your resume if you're interested to join our team!

Do you have a loyalty program and how does it work?

Yes we do! Every transaction rewards you a “star” that is tracked by your phone number. Ten of these

stars gets you a free drink of your choice!

Do you make all the baked goods at the shop?

Yes! Everything you see in our bakery case is made from scratch by our talented kitchen staff.