Love Coffee Love People

We believe in giving back to our community. 


Each month we host a Give Back Event for a non-profit organization making a difference in our area.  We highlight information about the organization and the importance of their work on the week leading up to their Give Back day, then on the day of the event, 20% of all sales that afternoon is given back to support their work in our community. 

We seek to support local non-profit organizations by offering goods and services in support of their work. Some examples of this are merchandise gift bags or gift cards for fundraisers, food or coffee item donations for small events, etc. Organizations seeking support may complete and submit the following form linked  here


100% of all proceeds from our Love Coffee Love People themed merchandise go into a fund to help support people in need in our local community.  You can purchase either in shop or through our mobile ordering site.


We desire to support our community by bringing people together and empowering them to meet each other's needs. In the back of the shop you will find our Community Needs Board. We encourage our customers to utilize this board to share their needs and support one another to meet these needs. Since opening the shop, we have seen AMAZING things happen – tuition paid, cars and housing given, tutoring offered, lessons shared, walls painted, and numerous lives impacted - through this board.


We believe that people love best when they feel loved themselves. Because of this we offer monthly paid Care Meetings to our staff.  We want them to have a safe space to feel seen and cared about so that they can go out and care for our customers and one another well!


Our customers are truly the heroes of this story. It is their commitment to supporting our shop and our community that allows us to have the impact that we do.  We could not be more thankful to live out our motto of Love Coffee Love People together.