Silk City Coffee is an independently owned specialty coffee shop in the center of Main Street, Manchester.  We offer fresh-brewed coffee, espresso drinks and tea along with pastries, salads, sandwiches and more all made fresh in-shop. 

We also operate a roastery providing both wholesale and retail coffee beans for home brewing. 


Owned by two couples, Tammy and Glenn, Sarah and Rob, we understand how important teamwork and partnership are. If you're curious as to how it all began, here’s a little back story... 

Rob and Sarah met and fell in love freshman year of high school. With Sarah’s life long love and passion for scratch made baked goods and Rob’s obsession with everything coffee related, they planned to some day open up a cafe but pictured doing so when they retired. Life moved on and, while they kept up these hobbies, they pursued other careers. All jobs left them feeling generally unfulfilled but they continued to dream.

Tammy was Rob and Sarah’s high school guidance counselor. It was during those years that Sarah and Tammy drew close together and began a genuine friendship. They partnered together on many projects.

Years after graduation, Tammy and Sarah sat together and Sarah (now married to Rob) complained about her and Rob’s current jobs. They were exhausted and wanted something more. Little did they know, Tammy and her husband Glenn had been dreaming of opening a community oriented coffee shop but needed to partner with people to run it! It was in that moment that the specific dream of Silk City Coffee was born. Soon after they started writing up a business plan, finalizing plans, and looking at spaces. All four fell in love with Main Street in Manchester as the beginning hub of the coffee shop. It was quaint but not removed and in the middle of a really up and coming area. It felt PERFECT. When brain storming names, naming the shop after the community it was birthed in (Manchester, CT being named the Silk City) just felt right.


Flash forward to today: Rob runs the coffee program (with assistance from our cafe manager Caleb), Sarah heads up the kitchen and bakery program, Tammy coordinates all our community efforts, and Glenn oversees financials. So now that you know us, come on in and say hi - we would love to meet you!